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Hello: I have been photographing nature and the natural world for the past 35 years. Being born and raised in Northern Minnesota, I was introduced to nature at a very early age. Some of my first memories are of walking with my dad or grandfather in the woods. Countless hours as a child and youth were spent hunting, fishing, and exploring in the vast wilderness I called home. I always preferred shooting with my camera over with a gun and started to develop my style and my “eye” early on. Photography has always been more than an interest or hobby to me. It is an essential part of who I am and a major way I express this to others. Although my training and degrees are in the field of counseling and psychology, photography has remained my first love. Interestingly my photography has served as a tool to get clients talking about who and what they are and value in life. As you look at my work you will see that my major areas of concentration have been on flowers, butterflies, prairie life, mushrooms, landscapes, inspirational, rural Iowa farms and buildings, as well as hot air balloons. This despite a morbid fear of heights! As I have launched in to the digital age I have done some interesting work that is more surrealistic in nature again using the natural elements around me to shape unique and exciting Dreamscapes. I hope that you enjoy looking at my images and if something you see touches you or stimulates your curiosity that is all the better. Enjoy and come back!

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